Nw6 hair

nw6 hair

I am a former bald guy who had hair transplant surgery. I am about 6 months out from the procedure. Here is a before and after before taken the day of surgery and the after taken during a 6 month checkup at the office I'm 22 years old and I first began to lose hair at age I did not notice it at all until one of my friends told me I was thinning.

As of right now, I've lost most of my hair but I can hide the baldness by doing a comb over. Generally people never notice that I'm losing hair unless I sit down because I'm 6'5.

Any who, questions for you - what kind of procedure was this? Did it hurt? How much did it cost you? What was going through your head on that day you decided to shave your head, did you like it? Sorry to hear you're dealing with this at such a young age.

The combover was a bitch in my 30s I can't imagine in my 20s. I know I'm going to have to shave my head clean soon, but I'm scared because I don't know how I'll end up looking. People often say to men going bald is to start lifting and get some muscle before it happens, but I think that's the only thing I can do to make myself look better. Yeah, you can help it with weight loss and muscle gain.

The thing is that you really need to be thin to make it work. You can't just not be fat. Being Irish, that was never going to happen for me.Menu Forums Forums Quick Links. Members Quick Links.

Is This A Nw6 Or Nw7 Hair Loss Pattern?

HairLossTalk Forums. See pics attached of the top, right and back. Is this a NW6 or a NW7 pattern? Kidbako Established Member My Regimen. Get on finasteride or dutasteride to get your hair loss in check before thinking about a fue.

Stay on meds for a year then see where your at. As far as your pattern not sure. Captain Rex and sunchyme1 like this. Agustin Araujo Moderator My Regimen. A Norwood 6 pattern is what you have. If you're not on any treatment, I recommend to see your doctor and have them write you a prescription for Finasteride, or Dutasteride preferably if you're able to considering that your hair loss is aggressive.

If your hair loss at least becomes mostly stabilized, I suggest to incorporate Minoxidil afterwards in order to promote any possible hair regrowth. LOL I have exactly same skull, same hair and same hairloss pattern! Albeit I am a bit younger and isn't so progressed NW4 now but it goes from vertex and top very fast last month Btw you are similar to me not a good candidate to hair transplant due to recessed sides above the ears and donor area is quite weak.

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Hair Transplant Before and after, NW6 7000 Grafts, Great Result!

I have retrograde alopecia, and it actually didn't start until I started taking finasteride. No way to know if it was related. The good thing is that in most cases retrograde alopecia doesn't progress to slick bald. If you look at middle aged men you will see it's not that unusual, and most people won't even notice it.Feel free to discuss remedies, technologies, transplants, living with hair loss, cosmetic concealments, whether to "take the plunge" and shave your head, and how your newly shaved head or hairstyle looks.

While you're here, give some opinions in the monthly selfie thread. You may want to check out live chat. Question NW6 - What are my options?

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NW6 since 21 ish but the receding started when I was I'm now I wore a hat for a good portion of my youth, which sucked. There is nothing I want more in this world than atleast some of my hair back, or at the very least a feathered hairline to frame my face. I've never taken a hair loss pill in my life. As a NW6, do I have any chance at all for regrowth at the crown and towards the hairline? Perhaps by that time I could either connect the results with temporary SMP, or pray to the hair gods that a more effective regrowth treatment hits the market.

Another option I was considering is FUE to transplant a modest hairline and temple areas from my donor area, and fill in the crown with SMP? No pics at the moment, but I am pretty much completely bald with the exception of decent sides and back. There's no way I could gain enough density to be fully satisfied.

nw6 hair

I've seen a dermatologist and he said finasteride wouldn't do much if anything. I'm just using remaining minoxidil that I have left to keep what little I have left. I don't like shaving it completely because I have a little scar on the back of my head that bleeds if I use a razor. Right now, I buzz the sides and back with no guard on the trimmer and never touch the top. My hairline itself actually hasn't receded that much, but I'm a massive diffuse thinner with the classic MPB horseshoe ring pattern.

The hair on top is so thin, frail, and poor density.

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The truth is there's still nothing for us besides hair systems if you'd want to continue that route. My father does that and I assume will continue to his whole life. I personally have no interest. Yeah, they can look really great, but I don't want to deal with any of the struggles and lies that come with wearing them. And in my opinion, SMP looks bad.

I'd never do it. You can totally tell it's not hair. Do the best you can to accept yourself as you are until hair cloning is available. Tsuji in Japan is working on cloning follicles the way they're created in the womb. He's done it and successfully implanted them in mice, so the final step now is human trials which are supposed to begin in the next few months.

It's likely that it would still be a few years until the method was available to the public, but that's kind of what we're all crossing our fingers for.The patient wanted to maximize the grafts he could give from both Scalp and Beard as he wanted to have extensive coverage. The surgery lasted 3 days. This patient had an unsuccessful Strip Hair transplant in Israel and then after his research and after seeing some good results from HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus has decided to proceed with FUE in order to cover the front thinning of his hair and the appearance of slightly plugy strip grafts.

A case of a 25 year old patient at the Norwood scale The aim was to frame his face with a natural hairline and fill up the thinning gaps behind it.

The patient coming from Italy, aimed to restore the front and top bald area and join the transplanted hair with area of his own hair. HDC Medical Team transplanted grafts in two days and you can seed the development of the result from before and up to 7 months after.

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Results Videos Testimonials. Grafts Transplanted: Description: The patient wanted to maximize the grafts he could give from both Scalp and Beard as he wanted to have extensive coverage. Result photos were sent by the patient to the clinic which were taken 6 months after surgery. Related Cases. Item Link Learn More. Talk with a Specialist Invalid Input. Invalid Input. Coming from abroad? Learn More.We are now. WhatsApp or call us now! At LS Hair London we believe our customers deserve service worthy of royalty and we aim to deliver just that in every hair cut and treatment we deliver day-in-and-day-out.

Book Now. Working Hours. Testimonial My new favorite hair salon!! I called on a Saturday and was able to make an appt the very next day with Lucy. She was the nicest hair stylist I have ever had and my experience very pleasurable and surprisingly went by fast.

Lucy suggested many things to do with my hair which I thought was pretty nice seeing a professional's opinion on what to do with it!

This salon had the most affordable prices in the city and they are experts in the area. I loved the results of my hair and it came out exactly how I wanted. One thing I also loved about this salon, was how quiet and comfortable it was inside.

Lucy gave me some amazing advice on my Hair and how I can take care of it. On the day she gave me a good cut and style which I love and friends and family like it as well so I have recommended LM Hair to them. I want to thank Lucy for an amazing experience and I can say I will never go elsewhere. Testimonial I arrived early at my appointment so I had to wait a little bit because my hairdresser, Nathalia, was with someone else but I do have to say she is always worth the wait!

I go here often and usually just get the same thing done each time so I don't have to tell her much of what to do with it anymore.

nw6 hair

She knows exactly what to do with my hair and always follows what I say to do and does how I like it. Whenever my friends or family needs their hair cut or styled for anything I always tell them to come here because of their friendly staff and excellent cuts!

Testimonials I just got my hair colored for the first time here; getting your hair colored for the first time would make anyone nervous but talking with them on the phone and in person during my appointment helped me feel better about everything.

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nw6 hair

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