4l60e erratic line pressure

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It slips in all gears and will sometimes take a while to shift, but it shifts into all gears before rpms, and reverse always works. I noticed that it suddenly stops slipping when it's in Overdrive above 50 mphand has a lot more power than lower gears.

Don r- Actually it is the other way around Ford fluid has a higher co efficient friction! GM dexron fluid is more "slippery"! The following could also a potential cause that should be checked and could be why you have been through so many transmissions! Determine if the vehicle is equipped with a MAF sensor.

Most of the time, cleaning the sensor elements with a cotton swab and electrical contact or MAF cleaner will fix the incorrect MAF signal and allow transmission line pressure to return to normal. GM has a bulletin, B, related to this condition, but refers only to aftermarket air filters as the cause.

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Have confirmed many vehicles with an OEM air filter that have this condition. It is possible that you could have a bad torque converter but how do you know it is slipping 4. To determine this you need to perform a "stall test" and check the PCM for Transmission slip or incorrect ratio codes! These conditions can all be caused by a poor internal ground in the VCM. Make repairs using GM Service Kit Partunless this flag label is attached to the clear branch. This may or may not be the problem.

You can have any number of inputs to the computer causing your issue. It could also be a bad transmission.

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I would strongly suggest you have it checked by a professional. We have locations across the nation. I own a 4 cylinder S10 with the same transmission. It is a great transmission and I recently had the same problem.

I would suggest drain the fluid, remove the pan and check to see if the filter has fallen. I had this problem recently as I have a modified deep well pan and the filter was missing a bracket to hold the filter in place. Also ensure that the seal for the filter is properly installed.

Three transmissions answers your question. Number four coming up. Make sure you put the correct transmission fluid in it. Ford Mercon is dog poison in many cars but not fords- it's too slick for GMs. Eduardo S Lv 5. It's on a chevy blazer with the 4. Does it sound like a bad torque converter, or does my transmission need to be rebuilt?

Answer Save. MasTec Lv 7. Certified Transmission. Some of the early GM vehicle lost the internal ground in the computer. There is a service bulletin out by Gm to reroute some wires and add one. Juan C.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only.

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30 Common 4L60E Transmission Problems & Repair | Charlotte NC

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4l60e erratic line pressure

Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next. Andrew Banned. Mar 8, 2, 0 0. Well I have been having some issues with my trany the past coouple of days that I thought may be a simple overheating issue but it isnt.

When I drive for lets say over an hour, off and on, my transmission starts freaking out. For example, I stop at a red light.

The oil pressure will drop quite a bit and then when I give it gas, the rpm goes up to and the car barely goes. I have to let off the gas and give it gas multiple times to get it to go. After 1st gear, there is no problem with the transmission. It will shift from 2nd to 3rd to 4th perfectly fine.

It is only when I stop at a stop sign or red light this will happen. I was then thinking it may be by torque converter, or could it be something as simple as getting my transmission flushed or something?

The transmission is a GM 4L60E. Bignate Lifer. Sep 5, 13, 1 0. What's your coolant level and what what does it look like? Is it clean? Aug 8, 3, 1 Honestly, I haven't been repairing cars for a living for over 15 years, but I doubt much has changed for torque converters.

Torque converters don't usually fail.


Perhaps the 'lock-up' clutch will fail, but even those usually hold up unless something else went wrong causing engagement at the wrong time, etc.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how!

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700R4 Transmission Troubleshooting

I'm going to pick on that list above a little later when I get to my computer. For the most part, everything is pretty good but there are a few things that need correction. Execution time: 0. All times are GMT Pacific. Current time is AM Top. Attach Photos to Posts. Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. NOTE:The transmission is on the same fuse as the MAF, O2 sensors and at least one other sensor - if an O2 shorts out, it will blow the fuse and the trans will go into limp-home mode.

Be sure the trans has power and the fuse is not blown before doing anything else. Also note that many problems that show up as transmission issues are actually PCM or electrical, and may be external to the transmission.

Max line pressure should be at least psi at WOT in 1st or 2nd, psi is optimum. If base pressure is low, trans or pump is worn out.

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If max pressure is low, check EPC solenoid. If reverse is slow to engage, and line pressure does not come up to at least psi in reverse, replace the boost valve with a Transgo 0. Beware of coolant contamination - coolant will cause clutch packs to delaminate and thus cost you a rebuild!Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread: 4l60e tune. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I tried making my own only adjusting shift speeds but it didn't work out to well and I don't want talk about it :P.

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Attached Files stock 5. Wrong section for a V8 question, but it happens. If you are just looking to increase shift times and feel, thats pretty easy. Just go to the shift times, click normal and change them to like. You can go higher and maybe a tad lower if you wish. Also you can adjust the shift pressure.

Just don't got over like 90 psi, scale them back down by hand if they do. Also invest in a 20 doll hair corvette servo from oregon performance transmission, best money you can spend on a 4L60e.

It made a nice difference to mine and I, like a few others, say this table is the reason the 4L60 fails when it really shouldn't. The bit of added pressure there is a good thing and will help extend the life of that trans. And I would take 5F's advidse to the letter there, especially the Corvette Servo.

I went a little quicker in mine. All times are GMT The time now is AM.As a result, inadequate pressure rise and shift solenoid feed oil loss can occur. This can cause trouble codes, wrong gear starts, falls out of gear and clutch plate burn-up.

The purpose of the actuator feed limit valve is to limit the pressure going to the actuators aka solenoids. The AFL valve spring is calibrated to prevent the pressure from ever exceeding a predetermined pressure, no matter what the main line pressure is.

This is necessary to prevent more fluid from being fed to the solenoids then they can physically exhaust and to limit the maximum line pressure output. For example, too much pressure could flood the shift solenoids, making them act as mechanically stuck closed solenoids.

Why is My GM 4L60E Transmission slipping?

Alternatively, not enough pressure could make them act as mechanically stuck open solenoids. As a result, the transmission can have wrong gear starts, or fall out of gear.

On the other hand, for PWM solenoids like the line pressure control solenoid PCSif the feed pressure is too high or too low, the consequences can be detrimental. The PCS output controls the line pressure based on the calculated load from the computer.

Consequently, if the AFL pressure feeding the PCS solenoid is too high or too low, the line pressure output will also be too high or too low.

As a result, the transmission will either slip and burn frictions, or have hash shifts. Furthermore, the valve features longer lands, which greatly increases durability by redistributing the load over a greater surface area. Capital Core.The 4LE is an automatic shift, four-speed overdrive, longitudinally positioned transmission.

It has been considered to be the best rendition of the finest overdrive automatic transmission ever produced. The Late 4LE was released in in and fully phased into wide use through GM by in both RWD car platforms including the C6 Corvette and trucks in both 2wd and 4wd configurations. The 4L60E transmission weighs pounds dry, and wet.

4l60e erratic line pressure

It requires 8. This list is merely a guide to the possible solutions. It is possible to remedy a fluid problem by removing the checkball from its cage in the case in the rear of the transmission may help must remove valve bodyor adding a high-viscosity additive or other seal restorer product.

May also have worn boost valve can replace in the pan. Middle case: leak in the 2nd gear apply circuit servo assembly or accumulator. Double check by using the pressure gauge and watch for a big drop when the PCM commands 2nd gear. Worst case: poor line pressure rise see below. Check the yellow spring inside the accum housing for breakage. Also, if the accumulator housing walls are scored, the housing must be replaced. If not, this must be replaced.

Trans does not upshift out of first, speedometer reads zero at all times: Could be VSS failure. Rear of transmission needs to be fixed. Transmission needs to come out in order to access VSS. The car is safe to drive in 2 until you can get it fixed. Sudden grinding noise with no prior warning primarily in 2nd gear, behavior in reverse may be abnormal: sunshell is fractured. Must be removed and rebuilt.

Try not to run or drive the car or further damage could result. Transmission must be removed and rebuilt. No 2nd or 4th gear. Otherwise, band is worn out. Trans shifts into gear harshly, car feels sluggish off the line, No 1st, 4th or TCC lockup available, Manual 2nd, 3rd and Reverse are only available gears, CEL is on: transmission is either in limp-home mode or has lost electrical power.

If there are lots of error codes in the PCM, check the underhood fuse that powers the transmission, and if it pops again, look for a short in that circuit like an O2 sensor harness touching exhaust.

Needs diagnostic testing. Horrible noise in 4th and feels like the brakes are on: overrun clutches are applying due to a cracked or leaking forward piston. Overrun clutches will be worn out after 30 seconds of this behavior.

Car can be safely driven in D. Soft shifting, gradual performance degradation: Poor line pressure rise due to leaking boost valve, clogged EPC filter screen, failing EPC solenoid, or worst case: leaky seals throughout.Automotive Forums. I am putting in a rebuilt and messed up and didn't label the cooler lines. I've searched and I think that the "top" trans port goes to the "top" radiator port? And, bottom trans to bottom radiator.

I've got this far and don't want to screw up by reversing these metal lines.

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Thanks in advance for the help. I think its most important to flush out the lines before reattaching them. Sometimes transmission failures contaminate the fluid with particles of clutch material, metal shavings etc. You want to keep these out of the new trans. Otherwise, because the fluid circulates under pressure, it makes no difference which line goes where. Maybe this link will help you. Thanks for the flushing advice and the link with pictures. I like pictures. Thanks again. Jim top tranny port goes to the top radiator port.

Thank you for the additional advise. I have used compressed air to blow out the lines. Has anyone used the aerosol Transmission Cooler Flush cans to clean the lines of shavings and sludge, or is that just a waste of money?

Trans fluid is not cheap either, but I want to flush it good. I sure don't want to dump any contaminates back into the rebuilt.

4l60e erratic line pressure

Thanks to all.


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